Existing Cable - UL Rated?

Is AC-C7-EU UL rated? If not, please let me know if it is TUV or NEMKO. Please provide a document showing this if it exists.


Thank you for contacting the Technical Forum. I do not see that this is UL approved. The link to the approval sheet is :
AC-C7 EU - CE Declaration of Conformity | CUI Devices . There is nothing stating it is UL approved on the data sheet or the link I provided. This is all I see for this product.

With your product expertise, do you know if any power cables are UL approved?

I did a search on our website. This is a European type cable. Here are the options I pulled up.

These are the stocking options. If you look we do have the filter for Approval Angency Marking. I do not see that anyone has this listed with UL approval.

Given that UL is a USA-based regulating authority, it’s not uncommon for products designed only for use outside of the USA not to be UL recognized/listed.

Note that the datasheet and product images show the cord in question being decorated with the marks of various similar agencies outside of the US.

Hi Rick,
In this case, which is the certifying body? I am familiar with UL, TUV, and NEMKO.
Is it CEBEC? I’m looking at the datasheet and i’m not clear.
EU Power Cable Datasheet.pdf (287.5 KB)

Different regions of the world have different certification bodies and marks; I’m seeing Semko, Nemko, Demko, Fimko, VDE, EAC, CEBEC, probably ENEC and a few others.

As a practical matter it’s typical for most overmolded, region-specific cordsets of this type to carry markings for the regions in which they’re likely to be used.

Hi, A comparable cord would be
Product part number: 2074112M703A(R)

Datasheet: https://www.globtek.com/pdf/manual-datasheets/2074112M703A(R).pdf

DigiKey Link: https://www.digikey.com/en/products?mpart=1939-1596-ND&v=1939&utm_source=1939&utm_medium=supplier&utm_campaign=disti
GTnj Stock = 2 (Subject to prior sale)DK Inventory = 36 (As of this email, subject to prior sale)

The GlobTek European power cord cannot carry a UL or CSA mark as the UL/CSA standards do not include any standard for the European style plugs as well as European style cable/cordage.

The GlobTek cord carries a number of certificates for Europe.
The plugs are certified at minimum with VDE who is the certifying body. The VDE approval is enough to represent compliance in all EU states. The cable has certification from many European certifying agencies: VDE, N, S, D, FI, KEMA, CEBEC, OVE, SEV, CE, NF

GlobTek also now offers a combo 2 prong Europe + South Africa cord in case you want to consolidate 2 cords into one: https://en.globtek.com/news/combination-europe-and-south-africa-2-prong-power-cord-now-available-in-any-length-color-and-packaging
The GlobTek cord has