Explain the mounting precautions for SMD type Photomicrosensors


Explain the mounting precautions for SMD type Photomicrosensors.



For mounting precautions for surface mount device (SMD) type Photomicrosensors, refer to Explanation.



Shown below are mounting precautions for SMD type Photomicrosensors.

  1. Reflow soldering

  • Up to 2 times at the temperature and time below the temperature profile shown below.
  • The recommended metal mask thickness is t=0.2 to 0.25 mm.
    Manual soldering is not allowed as it may cause deformation of the housing or lead peeling due to heat.


The use of an infrared lamp may cause the temperature of the resin to rise locally. All the temperatures in the product must be within the above diagram. Do not immerse the resin part into the solder.
Even within the above temperature diagram, there is a possibility that the gold wire in the products will break if the PCB warps or bends, placing stress on the product terminals. Fully confirm the conditions of the reflow soldering in your actual solder reflow machine prior to mass production use.

  1. Storage conditions

  • In order to avoid the absorption of moisture, the products shall be stored in a dry box with desiccant or in the following conditions:

    A. Storage temp.: 10 to 30°C
    B. Storage humidity: 60% RH max.

  • Handling after unpacking

    A. Reflow soldering must be done within 48 hours under conditions of humidity 60% RH or less and temperature 10 to 30°C after being unpacked.

    B. In cases of long-term storage after unpacking, please mount at the conditions of humidity 60% RH or less and temperature 10 to 30°C within 1 week by using a dry box or resealing with desiccant in moisture-proof bag.

  1. Baking before mounting

  • If more than 48 hours have passed since the moisture-proof bag was opened, bake the product according to the following conditions before use. Note that the baking process should be done only once.

    A. Recommended conditions: 60°C, 24 to 48 hours (in a reel)

    B. 100°C, 8 to 24 hours (in a bulk)


Quick tips

As SMD type Photomicrosensors are larger than other surface mount device type microelectronic components (such as resistors), the metal mask thickness must be relatively thick. When designing the board, we recommend taking into account the locations of the Photomicrosensors and other parts of different metal thicknesses.

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