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New to all this. Need a component list to build for a speaker to make a sound on timed intervals. Would like to keep it all as big as a watch if possible. Please help


This is a bit vague in what you are looking for and needing.
Is there a certain sound you are looking for? Freq/dB rating?
What is the interval between and length of tone?
How are you looking to power this?
Are you thinking about an analog solution or a small micro to control the sound.
Is there a battery life consideration you are looking at? How long will this sound at timed intervals need to continue?

Small micro to control it and a battery to power it with an on off switch. I would like to use any sound I choose and the intervals could be 5 seconds on 3 seconds off or so. Not sure on the specs of speaker. Loud enough to hear from 30 yards maybe.

The battery life should be maybe an hour or two. Longer the better but with the on off switch will prolong battery life

So depending on the micros you are familiar with you should be able to use that for your timing and sound generation. If you want to use sounds from a phone or other source you would need an input and possible an amp depending on what sound and speaker your micro may or may not be able to drive something like that. Battery life would depend on power needed.

If there is not a specific sound the most efficient may be a small micro driving an indicator like 668-1456-ND. This would be a 3V option at 30mA so not a huge current drain and offers an 82dB at 2.3kHz. Paired with a small micro if you could get away with something like an ATTINY that is active in the micro amps you should be able to pull a hour or two out of a small coil cell.

Would probably want to do some testing to see if this sound fits your needs.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with any micro. Basically the information I am looking for is specific components needed in order to complete a basic design. Meaning, I need to know what speaker works with what micro and what micro works with which program and what battery will power both and what switch can control the battery. I have no knowledge with any of this. However, I am familiar with circuitry. I don’t know the correct terms for specific components I am looking for other than the speaker. I don’t know any specifics, just want some general parts to learn with to see what works and go from there

I looked at park number you provided and I should have stated that I am looking for a more advanced sound than a beep or any kind of “alarm.” I am looking for a speaker that could play an mp3 if I wanted it to

Search around the project tutorial sites in the list below and see if you can find a project similar to what you want.