Chip Design

Don’t know chip design language but know what I want- looking for a chip that would respond to 30/60/90/2 minute vibrates when one pushes a button and one could talk into said device and request it to vibrate in 10 minutes - looking for the inner works (chip) that I could design around to make a salesman’s stop watch at this point a prototype. I cannot be the only one in the world that over talks sometime when making a presentation - please help me shut up and become effective in my presentations

Hi, I do not know of any semiconductor chip that would actually vibrate. You would need a circuit that would need to activate a vibrator at intervals. It would need a voice chip to talk into, and then an MCU that would send all the signals to all the components. Please see links below for some parts to look over. Glenda

Technical assistance was provided for MCU

Technical assistance was provided for VOICE RECORDER

Technical assistance was provided for VIBRATE device

HI Bmack,

Speech recognition can be done using software installed on a Raspberry PI, but you would need to provide your own microphones, kinda large and would be tethered to a power supply.

For a proof of concept/prototype we also have the ReSpeaker from Seeed Studio,
Digi-Key PN: 1597-107990193-ND
Also, you would be tethered to a power supply for this one and it is about hockey puck in size.

If you’re looking for smaller, it’s not a product we currently carry but a company called General Vision carries some neural networking chips that, if you added a microphone to them you could train them to sniff for certain keywords.

@ Bmack

This is not a trivial design without electronics experience. Even with experience, it is not trivial.

If you have a smartphone you could probably find an app which can do this. For example, for Apple devices, something like the Onyx Timer or similar might be able to accomplish this.