Piezo Vibe - PJFVMA011001B-B0


The Murata Piezo Vibe is a great solution for vibration notification in the wearable market with a small package at 3.8mm x 10.5mm x 2mm and a small energy footprint of 7mW (3.5VDC x 2mA). We have created an EEWiki article will be useful to anyone who might be looking at an alert system for this type of project.

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For further information please see any of the following resources:

Digi-Key EEWiki - http://www.eewiki.net/display/SE/Murata+Piezo+Vibe

Digi-Key Part Number 490-16155-ND - Murata Electronics P/N PJFVMA011001B-B0

Manufacturer Datasheet- datasheet_pjfv.pdf (413.2 KB)