Flashing EEPROM for Datawave RPi Hat



This is a page about flashing a custom device tree overlay onto the EEPROM of a Raspberry Pi for the Datawave Raspberry Pi Hat.


From the Raspberry Pi command line

git clone https://github.com/CurtisWJohnson/Datawave-RPi-Hat.git
cd Datawave-RPi-Hat

***In order to do the following, you will need to use eepromutils.

Compile the .eep file. (This will provide a unique UUID number for the hat.)

sudo ./eepmake Datawave-rpi.txt Datawave-rpi.eep Datawave-rpi.dtb

Flash the .eep file to the EEPROM on the Datawave hat. This needs to be performed while pin 26 on the Pi is pulled low.

sudo ./eepflash.sh -w -f=Datawave-rpi.eep -t=24c32

Reboot the Pi

sudo reboot