Flyback driver circuit change

I have a push pull flyback driver board going to a tesla coil and it runs on 12vdc supply once 12v is applied to thne board the the tesla coil generates the high voltage.
I want to lower the primary voltage of the tesla coil while maintaining proper operation of the puysh pull circuit .
I think I can cut the trace before the inductor and feed it with a less voltage to get less output out of the tesla coil ,the inductor is in series with the two primary tesla coil windings.
is this possible to do?
please respond ASAP
alo will it change the rate of freq. it osccilates at to.

Reducing the voltage supplied to the primary winding of a Tesla coil should lower the output voltage. However, cutting the trace before the inductor may not be the best method to achieve this, as you may also be affecting other components of the circuit. You can also use a voltage regulator or a variable power supply that allows you to control the voltage input to the primary winding. This will give you more precise control over the output voltage, and you can adjust the voltage until you achieve the desired output.


The inductor is in series with the input to the primary tesla coil win

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