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I ordered a DC/DC 5V converter (Part: 102-3138-ND) to modify a Fischer Price ride-on car with a Raspberry Pi. This product is exactly what I need to modify some of the bigger cars with a 12V battery, but the minimum input voltage of 9V is too high for some of the smaller cars that only have a 6 Volt battery. Do you have any suggestions for the same product that can go from 6V to 5V?

Thank you!

Hi Molly,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Do you know how many Amp Hours that 6V would normally have? I would be concerned browning out the PI (low voltage) when the wheels hit snags or when the level starts dipping.

I use a large 250000mAH+ USB Quick Charge Lithium battery pack when Iā€™m running a PI remotely, you might want to try that.


Something like a 2183-2574-ND might be useful for both cases. The form factor is perhaps not as convenient, but doing what you speak of with a nominal 6v battery source will in practice require something with buck/boost functionality. Not a lot of products around in a packaged form designed for that, at the levels in question.

Note that depending on your Pi model and expected usage, either this option or the 102-3138-ND may be a bit under-powered.

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Hi Kristof,

Thank you for the suggestion. Do you have a product number that you would suggest?

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