PCB Components to power an esp32 and raspi hat

I’m planning to make my first PCB and I’m looking for some recommendations on the best way to power my components.

I need to power:

  • A LTE modem in the form of a raspi hat
    • 5vDC | 200mA*
  • An ESP32 devkit v1
    • 5vDC | 100mA*


  • One 12v battery that is charged via solar panels


  • I am using Serial @ 115200 baud
  • Power conversion should be as efficient as possible to not drain the battery
  • * on max measured load so far

What component should I use? I was thinking of just using one of those DC to DC converters, but I’m not sure on how it would work when I put the devices to sleep. Perhaps I should have a 3.3 volt battery in the circuit as well?

Welcome to the forum

I recommend a 5V 500mA switching power supply module that can accept 15V or higher input. Here’s a search for those specs plus, single output, >=90% efficiency and in stock @ Digi-Key.

You can further refine the search for things like surface mount vs through hole, and package size.

It depends on how much current the whole 5V powered system uses in sleep mode. Some of the parts in the search result may not be as efficient or accurate with the 5V output if the load current in sleep mode is too low.

Since the system is powered from 12V battery already, I recommend against adding more complexity.