Help find replacement power supply

Hello all,
I have and equipment and the surface mounted AC/DC converter seems to be dead. It is a 85-250VAC in
and 5VDC 0.5A out. The pin configuration is all in line (not in each corner like I found on digikey).

This is what I found on the internet, but the part# written on my PS is: HQE-2.5S05WL.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I am having difficulty finding documentation for the part number given, or something that would appear to be a potential drop-in replacement for the item pictured.

If available space permits, it may be possible to adapt an item such as RAC03-05SK to meet the need.

Hi Rick,
Thank you for the reply. The one you recommended is a DIP while this is a SIP.
here is a link to something equivalent i found.

I hope this helps give you some more info.

Thank you

I was unable to find any cross for this device in our system, with the 4pin SIP (in line) package.