Ps4 mosfet equivalent

I’m needing help with finding out more about this component that’s shorted on my ps4 power supply model N160A005L. Cannot find any information on it online to try and source a compatible match. The part number on it is LT 7E05 - C10450W. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello JuanOli4,

I wasn’t able to find anything based on the part markings themselves, however in my research I was able to locate a schematic for the ADP-160CR which others have said matches the N160A005L model of power supplies. I can’t see the marking on the PCB board clearly, but I believe following the traces as to where the component is in the board should provide some insight as to where it is on the schematic. From there, you should be able to find the part and hopefully get enough information to identify it.

sony_play_station_ps4_adp-160cr_psu_power_supply_sch (1).pdf (523.4 KB)


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Hi Klint

Thanks for your help, i managed to trace down the component i needed from the manual you sent me and located a power supply from which i could take the part off. And Bob’s your uncle.

I will post a pic of the replacement i used for future reference.

Thanks again.