FSR combo with moisture sensors

Hello! I am a graduate student at Georgia Tech and my project design team ordered several of your FSR Model 408 and FSR Model 402 about a month ago from Interlink.

We are hoping to use both FSRs and capacitive moisture sensors such that the moisture sensors overlay the leads and/or wires of the FSRs. The device will eventually have external pressure applied as well (i.e. a person laying on it). Do you think that your FSRs would function if there was another component (moisture sensor) laid on top of the leads or wires connecting the sensor? And under these same conditions but with external pressure applied?

Any insight is greatly appreciated! If you have any FSR’s aside from the models we have ordered that you believe would function under these conditions, we would be interested in purchasing these as well.


It’s not entirely clear what your precise meaning is here; I interpret your intent as speaking about application of pressure to the inactive sensor regions between the termination pins and the portions of the sensor having an interleaved conductor pattern. To the extent that no substantial force is applied to the active region as a result, application of force to the sensor’s inactive regions (or any external conductors, for that matter) should not have substantial effect on sensor function, so long as one is not physically distorting/damaging the conductors in question.