GBA SP Q1 Chip ID?

I think this chip on my GBA SP is broken. Can anyone ID a replacement part for this chip?

Many thanks in advance!!


Wecome to the Forum. Is there any part marking on this ? I was not able to see it in the picture>

A little hard to make out, but seems be “H 17 S”??

Thank you for the additional information. I am unable to verify it. Though with this being on the Forum, someone else might. So hopefullly someone else might find it.

Aye, hope so!
Google-search isn’t coming up with much, thought I’d try a shot in the dark here.

Hi @666jw666
If Q1 is indeed the reference designator on the board, then it is some kind of transistor per post PCB Markings: Reference Designator Meanings (Part Identification).

The package type looks to be a TO-243AA per post Common Electronic Component Package Types.

We will keep you posted if we find any more information.


Calling a transistor just an amplifier is very odd to me and I’ve never seen it done before.

Many device types can be amplifiers, devices with a reference designator of “Q” are always supposed to be transistors (bipolar, FET, MOSFET, etc.)

Very often, maybe even more often in the 21st century, a transistor is used a switch not an amplifier.

The Wikipedia reference designator article linked on the other page says “Q = Transistor (all types)”, no mention of amplifier.

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Yes, Q1 is definitely a transistor.

I have not been able to ID it either, but looking at some forums out there about repairing Game Boys, there’s a pretty fair likelihood it’s a P-Channel MOSFET. I’m not certain what package type it is because of a lack of scale. Can you give us dimensions of that package? That would help narrow it down to either an SOT-89 (a.k.a. TO-243AA) or an SOT-223 (a.k.a. TO-261AA), which look very similar, but the latter is much larger.

Here are a few links to groups working on Game Boys which might be of some value to you:

I’ll take a look at those links and try to do some more trouble shooting.

I had to dig up the caliper and the Q1 is ~4.5 x 2.5 mm

Many thanks!

OK, sounds like it’s probably an SOT-89, based on your measurements. I still can’t ID it, but anecdotes on Game Boy repair forums seem to lean toward a P-Channel MOSFET used as a reverse voltage protection switch. I have no idea whether this is actually the case or not.

However, assuming that IS the case, something like the XP162A12A6PR-G might be a reasonable option.