GD-03 Sensor Compatability to DAQ System

Dear DigiKey Team,

I hope this message finds you well. We are a group of undergraduate students in our senior year at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, currently working on our capstone project. As part of this project, we have decided to use the GD-03 sensor, which you manufacture or provide, to capture and measure data in our laboratory experiments.

Our project involves positioning the GD-03 sensors along an airfoil to collect various measurements necessary for our experiments. To ensure the successful integration of these sensors, we are seeking more detailed information regarding their compatibility with a DAQ (Data Acquisition) system. Specifically, we would like to understand:

  1. The communication protocol used by the GD-03 sensors.
  2. Any specific requirements or considerations for interfacing these sensors with a DAQ system.
  3. Recommended DAQ systems that are known to work well with the GD-03 sensors.
  4. Any additional technical documentation or resources that could assist us in setting up and calibrating the sensors.

Your assistance in providing this information will be invaluable to the successful completion of our project. We are keen to ensure that we correctly integrate the GD-03 sensors with our DAQ system to achieve accurate and reliable data collection.

Thank you for your time and support. We look forward to your prompt response.

Best regards,

Gabriel A. Sánchez Reyes
Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Thank you for your inquiry.

“Communication Protocol” is this is an analog sensor, it will output a somewhat proportional resistance to how much pressure is applied, with resistance decreasing as pressure increases.

There are two ways to use this device, one is in a circuit with an operational amplifier, and the second, simpler method, using in a voltage divider with a resister. Below is a screen capture of the datasheet:

Your DAQ needs to supply a reference voltage, say 5V (+Vr in above schematic ) across the voltage divider circuit and the output (V2 in above schematic) goes to and Analog Input (ADC) on your DAQ.

I wouldn’t say these types of sensors are ‘calibrated’ as force sensing resistors give a rough idea of pressure, they are not known for accuracy. You could check the output against another more accurate type of pressure sensor

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Did you know which DAQ (Data Acquisuition System) is compatible with those sensors (GD-03) ?

Any DAQ that has Analog to Digital Converters ( ADC/Analog In ) for your sensors would be compatible, which is most, just depends upon how many Analog Inputs you need and whatever other features.