Help for project


I doing a project for school and I wanted to make sure the items I’m buying will able to work together.

I have two pmods:

And a piezo sensor:

Will the piezo sensor be able to work with both of them?

Thank you.


Do you have another device, of which is not listed above? The piezo sensor you listed must be driven by something, your two other devices are a wifi interface and a sensor (thermocouple). You’d need something to drive these 3 devices.


Yes, I am also using a nexys a7: fpga trainer board.

The ADC’s on that board can not handle signals from that sensor without some form of signal conditioning…

Take a look at this article:


Ok so a few questions.

How would you interface the op amps to this project? Also once I am able to connect the op amp to the piezo sensor, everything else should work fine right?

Thank you so much for helping me.

@johnsan1, if you don’t want to design your own circuit, I believe you could use this pmod adapter: