General Scheme-it Program questions


Q) How can I download Scheme-It?

A) Scheme-It is free to use in any customer’s browser and can be accessed easily from Digi-Key’s website. Unfortunately the program cannot be downloaded for use offline; it runs in an Internet-enabled browser off of our servers.

Q) Will Digi-Key build a schematic for me?

A) We do not offer any design services within Scheme-It.

Q) How much does Scheme-It cost to use

A) Scheme-It is a freely available tool customers can use as much as they like without charge. There is no Scheme-It ‘license’, and you can use it to design schematics, flow charts, diagrams, and anything else they need for your business or any projects you might have without any legal entanglements. So long as you don’t try and sell access to Scheme-It yourself, you should be good to go.

Q) Is there an update I can download to this Scheme-It?

A) No, all updating is done internally.

Q) The Scheme-It software is very slow today

A) It may be due to maintenance on the software. Try to save your project and restart the program.

Q) Program has stopped working.

A) The site may be under maintenance, restart the design tool, or send an email to