Can't export from Schemeit - just like everybody else

Just decided to try Schemeit. As many others have reported, I can’t export. I get the window up, choose PDF and click the export button and it closes, but does not give me a choice of where to save the file. I can’t find it anywhere on my PC, like some default directory like Downloads or anything. I tried with Internet Explorer and Firefox. I tried doing it from my home PC in case there are any security things in place on my work PC that would cause a problem but it doesn’t work there either. Does this program only work with Chrome or something?

HI, before you are able to save, you must be registered and logged into Digi-Key using a valid Digi-Key account. Please make sure are logged in correctly. It should work with several URL providers. Please check out the link below for using Schemeit, that might help with some of the questions you might have. Glenda

Hello Glenda,

Thank you for the response. I have a Digi-Key account and I am logged in. I have successfully saved my project. It’s the exporting that doesn’t work. I’ve tried PDF and PNG and in both cases it just closes the save window when I click on the button, doesn’t ask for a location to save or anything.



@sbrigham Can you please share your project name?

It was just called “test”. I just put one component on it just to see if I could export the schematic as a PDF before I spent hours building my real schematic. It is clearly not a problem with my project.



Here is a link to the project.



I get this window, but when I click on Export the window just disappears.



@sbrigham - I am able to reproduce the export issue with your project. I can export the KiCad format but not the others. The Scheme-it team is looking into what may be causing this.


has anything further been done about this problem?? It says exporting to Kicad is in “beta”, but no progress has been made at all.

When can we actually expect this to work??

Why can’t I export my schematic as a .DXF ?

@pentode_economics - Please share your specific export issues using the feedback option under the help menu. We are always looking for ways to improve the Scheme-it experience.

100% NO DOUBT Firefox 52.9 ESR CANNOT export Kicad files under win32.

I checked with later Firefox (62?) on Linux Ubuntu (32 bit) which will no longer be updated, and can’t be updated to kernel series 20.xx - which is even EOL Y2023.

Kicad files can be exported, on Ubuntu but using schemeit under (bloated 18.04_LTS) Linux is pretty awful -slow compared with the win32 version.(suprisingly).

This means creating diagrams and schemes under win32 then having to reboot to Linux to be able to manipulate them in Kicad.
This is far from ideal.

I don’t think many people have this opportunity for dual boot OS mentioned here, and to be able to demonstrate this bug.

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@pentode_economics - Thanks for the details of your findings. Would you mind sharing your project name so we can replicate your export experience?

OK I did what you asked.
Basically even with linux it fails now.

With a simple circuit it exports it to Kicad as a zip with all is needed.
As soon as it gets to a certain size, showing all channels and info it fails totally. I can export in ALL formats EXCEPT Kicad, pdf, png, svg, everything EXCEPT of course what I really need!

I sent you an answer with the neccessary info.

Is this a limitation with schemeit?

@pentode_economics - Thank you for sending the information and bringing this error to our attention. You’re project export has been sent directly to you. The Scheme-it team is working on a fix for large KiCad exports.

thanks for that.
Just FYI, I will migrate this program to Rpi-4 (Rasberry pi OS) which like Ubuntu is debian based, but will then (and is) migrating to a 64bit OS, which is part of the debian family.
(Kicad is an official debian package).

Kicad for ARM is an interesting fork in the road, particularly because on any “unix like” system it’s more possible to work collaboratively online.
Another issue,-
the range of valve devices in the symbols is small.
This needs to be radically expanded in view of the increased popularity of the devices, and the PRC moving more and more to PCB prod techs.