Problems Exporting from Scheme-It

Hi all

I’m having trouble exporting a circuit design from Scheme-It - I click the export button on the menubar, select either png svg or pdf and active area, and then the export button and wait - nothing happens. Nothing appears in my computers downloads folder and there is no dialogue box to save the file anywhere, it just returns to the main Scheme-it design screen with my design from whence I started. It doesn’t matter which format I use to export to. I have tried both active area and page, as well as different browsers and Chrome and Edge and I have tried rebooting. I have tried closing the program, logging out and logging back in and reopening the file. I have tried disabling my antivirus and firewalls all to no avail. Is this a bug or have I stuffed up something?


As a workaround I hid the grid by unselecting the grid option and then used the print option, which does a preview in the browser which I right clicked and saved as an svg image, which is fine for my purposes. I can print it to a pdf if I need to as well.


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We’ll look into this to see if we can replicate and fix it if a bug is apparent. Thanks for the feedback.