Exporting a schematic from Scheme-it


Q) How do I export a schematic?
A) On the top task bar select [Export]. Then select the appropriate file type to export the schematic.

  1. Click export on the task bar
  2. Select the type of file you want to export it as
  3. Save the file of the schematic

Q) How can I export (pdf) with the gridlines?

A) You cannot export them to a pdf, the gridlines will always disappear.

Q) Is there a way to export the file from the Scheme-It to a MS Visio format?

A) Scheme-It does not have an option for MS Visio format.

Q) I want to import schematic into PCBWeb?

A) Schematic cannot be imported from Scheme-It to PCBWeb. User would need to rebuild the schematic in PCBWeb. You can export it to PCBWeb via a SCHBOM file after clicking export on the task bar. See Above

Q) I am using Scheme-It, is there an option for CAD?

A) Scheme-It is unable to export to CAD, can only export to .png, .svg, pdf, or an SCHBOM file for PCBWeb.