Printing your Schematic from Scheme-it


Q) I am trying to print, but the image is too small, how can I make it larger? If they are too small is there a way that I can only print part of my schematic?

A) Click on the Export function in the top bar, you should be able to export the schematic as a PDF. Doing this, you can select “Active Area” in the “Export Area” drop-down menu, which constricts the PDF to just the area of the tool you’ve used; printing from that PDF, rather than from Scheme-It directly. You can also select from the preferences tab to “fit to one page”. If not all the parts print, it is because there is a size limitation to how much you can print. If there is an issue with that try printing the schematic in multiple pages.

Q) I can’t get it to fill the page, it is very tiny.

A) You will need to use the zoom in and out features to get your schematic to the proper size, next to the minus symbol there is a magnifying glass with a square in it, click on it and it will zoom in to a normal size.

Q) I am having trouble with pdf in Scheme-It, the margins are off, and I am trying to export a drawing into a PDF file but only about a 1/3 of the drawing actually gets exported. Is there a way to only export a portion of my schematic?

A) After exporting, you will get an option to save as a pdf. When saving try a different paper size and see if that works. There is also a size limitation which may cause you to have to break it down to multiple pages. Make sure to also select active area to make sure you get the whole schematic. When exporting, also make sure to go through the properties tab to ensure margins are correct. If you want to only export part of it you can break the pdf down by adding pages on your schematic.