Still Unble to Export


Thanks again for this great tool. Unfortunately, I have not been able to export pdf. I tried both Chrome and Firefox, and I trie copying the contents to a new project, but the saved file is corrupt in all scenarios. My viewer says “unable to open this file”.
Print works fine, but the margin makes it less readable.
Previously, I had export issues based on the size of the project file, but this is only one sheet.

Is there some fix to this issue?


Hi @danM - Can you please share a link to your project so we can look into the PDF export issue you are experiencing?

Hi @Cody_Walseth , here is the project

Hi @Cody_Walseth
My single page exports from this document are also corrupted.
And the “All Pages” is not able to download

Any help would be much appreciated.


@danM - Thank you for the additional information and links! The Scheme-it team will look into the issue.

@danM - The Scheme-it team has fixed this issue. You should now be able to export individual pages of your project as PDFs.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks @Cody_Walseth - I can confirm it’s working!