Glass Diode labeled 3C2 5T

Hello, I have to replace a glass diode labeled 3C2 5T. I cant seem to find any information about it. I believe it is a Zener diode. Anyone know exactly what kind of diode this is so I can find a replacement. I’ve found 3C2 Zeners but none of them seem to be in the glass package. Please help.


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We are looking into this request and should have some information to share soon. Please add any and all other information to further assist looking this up. If possible what was this installed in and also if you could add an image from where this mounts.

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I will send a picture when I get a chance but this diode is mounted on a driver board that drives the gate of a Mosfet. It’s is after the transformer and has 3 capacitors in parallel with it.

Here is a picture of the driver board. Diode spot is circled in red. its the same as all of the other diodes coming off of the secondary windings of that transformer. Each of those 4 outputs on that driver card drive the 4 separate banks of mosfets as i labeled in the picture.

This diode was causing a 90ohm short between the Mosfets Gate and Source pins. Let me know if you need any other information.

Any luck with finding this diode?

Sorry for the delay, I just checked the rest of the emails I sent out for this and there just is not enough information to match. We do have similar but it would be a guessing game if they would work or not.

Hopefully next time we will be able to locate what you need.

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It would appear that there are 3 other intact devices present which could be removed and measured.

Drawing out the schematic for the board also tends to give insight into likely component selection.