Not sure which diode to order

I have this triac board that I had several components to replace and it looks like this diode may be bad as well. Need help identifying it so I can order one. It has 5C6 on it. I have not had any luck finding schematics for this board.

I found a few 5C6 Zener diodes but the Zener voltage is 6.2v, 6.8v, 62v and 68v. I am not sure what you need for your board.

Here is the link to the Diodes.

Do you know where I could find the schematics for that board? I thought a 5C6 on a diode meant it was 5.6v?

In the post-repair age, it’s rare for schematics to be made available. That looks to be a single-sided board though, so it ought not be tough to reverse-engineer.

It’s a fair guess, though not a certainty. These would be some possibilities under that assumption.

Not much to loose from pulling one side and testing it.

Okay, I pulled the zener diode from the board. The number on it is Z5C6. When I test it with a diode meter with positive probe on the anode the reading is .667. When I switch the probes the reading is .808 Not positive if this is bad or not. If it is bad, what zener do I get? Thanks

I could not find anything for the number Z5C6. If you feel it is a 5.6V Zener Diode, here are some possible matches:

Thanks for response. With the readings I was receiving .667 and .808 do you think the part is bad?

It’s dead, semi-shorted actually.

The orientation where you got 0.808, assuming a less than 6V diode test voltage (most are around 1.5V) it should read overrange (often .OL)

If it’s purpose was circuit protection it may have given it’s life to prevent more damage.

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Thanks for all your help. Using Z5C6 that I found on the diode I was able to get a cross reference and it gave me this info. 5.61…5.91V, Izt=5mA, Zzt=60 Ω, 500mW Zener Diode
Perhaps that gets us closer to the part needed. Thanks again.

Here’s a version of @Karl_1696’s search modified to give in stock, common, 5.6V 500mW 5% Zener’s, since this appears to be a normal consumer grade PCB assembly.

I usually lean toward buying one of the the traditional 1N52xx series parts.