Zener diode identification

Good morning,
The following 2 diodes are on the VFD boards of a 1989 panasonic NV-V10000 VCR.
Clearly marked as zener diodes on the board.
Cant seem to id with color codes.
Attached pics.
Any help would be appreciated

One is clearly burnt but both test bad.

Hello c7325,

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I found a color code on the internet, but not narrowing it down.
For the Blue, Gray, Gray, it has the number 688, and that’s suppose to be the part number.
For the Green, Blue, ? one, it is 56?.
I don’t know if this would mean the zener voltages are 6.8 and 5.6.
Maybe one of the engineers can add to the post, and point you in the right direction.