Need help identifying diode

I’ve been looking for this component but couldn’t find anything. Could some one help me understand this marking code? it has 06 horizontally and then 89 vertically



I am sorry. I am not able to verify this part. To me it appers to be a diode.Though I have been unable to verify the part marking listed on the part.

Hi @harumicamarillo ,

Assuming it is a general purpose diode, Vishay P600M-E3/54GICT-ND may be a possible option although this option is most likely physically larger. Please review datasheet specifications before ordering. Otherwise you may want to look through the datasheets of these options if size is of constraint. It may also be a voltage regulating zener diode of some kind. A picture of the circuit it came out of may be helpful, along with any other numbers on the component if there are some.