Need assistance identifying a diode in an smp power supply

I have a diode rectifier which I need to replace in an SMP power supply, see attached pictures. The diode is identified as D6 on the circuit board (denoted by white arrow in pictures).

The diode is from Panasonic VHS VCR model PV4160A1. Unfortunately, I cannot find a schematic for this model. I did find a schematic for a similar model, Panasonic PV4601, which lists 2 replacement part numbers: ERB32-01L3 and RUK2YXFC1. I don't know if either could be substituted for D6 on my SMP. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hello Allen305 and welcome to the TechForum.

I have no reference to the part you image. Can you enumerate the markings on that diode? I don’t know if I’ll be able to derive it but I’ll give it a shot.

The D6 diode, shown in my picture, has the following markings: Brown stripe marks cathode; 01 (large font); 1 3 (3 could be a symbol); : (2 dots vertical orientation); C 3 (3 could be a symbol). I tested the diode on my ESR meter: Ir=0.14 uA ; uF=492 mV ; C=49 pF. Unfortunately, I have no datasheet or schematic for the VCR.

I did locate some information online showing the diode as a 100v 1.2 amp diode. I located this Sanken part number EM 2V1 or Digi-Key part number EM2V1CT-ND For the web link click here
This is a 400v 1.2a so it should work for you.

Thanks for the information. I ordered the suggested diode from Digi-Key.

What does the brown cathode, numbers and letter mean on the diode?

The diode length is 7.5 mm and the diameter is 3mm (approx).

I wasn’t able to find a reference to the meaning of those markings allen305, I wouldn’t correlate the size of the Diode to the application too much though. Manufacturing processes over time have allowed for gains in size/compactness of electrical components.