Trouble finding info on SMD diodes for replacement

I am having trouble finding information on SMD diodes with markings GW40 4007 and GW49 4007 for replacement.
Sure would appreciate any information or recommended replaces for these diodes.
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Hello @simmtech,

Welcome to the TechForum Community! Could you provide photos of the parts and dimensions?

Thank you!

“4007” often refers to a series of industry-standard rectifier diodes, of which there are some examples in SMT form. It would also be a fairly common way to represent the 40th week of 2007 as a date code.

The resources available for reverse-lookup of small component top marks aren’t that great; often as not one’s left trying to ID a part by other means and checking datasheets to confirm. Understanding the function and usage of the device in addition to case dimensions is helpful. (Is it a rectifier? Zener? TVS? what are the voltages involved?)

Thank you both for your quick responses.
These are in a power sequencer unit which operates relays to power equipment on and off.
I think these are rectifying diodes taking 120VAC input from a 500mA fuse.

There were two 22uF 400V bulk capacitors downstream from these that blew as well.
The diodes appear to be 1206 package size.
I have not been able to find any schematics of this unit so I am stuck with only the labels on the diodes of GW40-4007 and GW49-4007 as seen in the photo.
Thank you for taking time to assist!

Given the circuit topology apparent from the PCB layout and the high voltage I’d bet dollars to donuts they are 1N4007 type rectifiers (1000V @ 1A) wired in a classic bridge rectifier configuration. The GW4X numbers are likely manufacturing lot codes.

Here’s a search giving 13 surface mount versions. I’ve never seen a 1N400X series rectifier in a standard 1206 packages. For the SMT equivalents of 1N4007 they’re available in DO-214AC (SMA) and SOD-123. Take a look at these to figure out which package fits your PCB.

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I concur Paul. I am going to use the SOD-123 package. The SMA package size is too large.
Sure appreciate you alls’ help.