Part replacement/equivalent

Trying to find a replacement surface mount component for an old Motorola part (diode?)
(Have not found anything online)

Markings: “R17 ZPGF+”

Pic attached, thanks!

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That sure does look like a diode to me too. Something like ES1G-13-F
Unfortunately there isn’t enough information for me to determine what type of diode that is and what its electrical specs are.
The part markings weren’t of much help either. Sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe someone else can recognize it?

Thanks for the quick reply! Yep, I’ve seen a lot of diodes in that package, but like you said, without the specs, it’s difficult to just pick something (though that “DIODE GEN PURP 400V 1A SMA” you pointed out may work). The two diodes in the pic are both shorted, and are on a DC Motor Speed Control PCA (KBBC-21, from KB Electronics, which seems to be unavailable now) Closest to it, is this from KB
KBBC-24M (9500) DC Drives, Chassis -, Your online Shopping for AC & DC Controls & Drives but the PCA dimensions don’t fit in equipment location… In small electric fork lift (INNOVATIVE SL210, 200lbs). I’ll keep searching, and may eventually try some hopefully over-rated diodes to get this lift up & running, again.

Please note that as a general rule, it is not possible to test such devices in-circuit since the behavior of everything else to which they are connected tends to interfere with the measurement.

Thanks, Rick. The pic shows them loaded, but I removed them for the test of the diode. They’re shorted…