Grounded AC-to-DC plug-in power supply?

Does Digi-Key have any AC-to-DC grounded plug-in power supplies? We can use 6VDC, 9VDC, or 12VDC output, 100mA or more. A 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug would be good.

The problem is that we get humming from the microphones in Koss headsets (but not Logitek and Sennheiser headsets).


It looks like all the AC/DC supplies including wall warts and desktop style we have is stock are not grounded. This is what we carry inlink below.

I’m actually finding a number of devices that appear to meet the requested criteria here. While most such products do indeed use a 2-conductor input plug, those with 3 can be identified on the basis of the input connector used

Thanks. Can I make a suggestion? Can you add an option-select column for grounded? Trying to identify grounded AC adapters by electrical plug isn’t easy.


I submitted your suggestion but please be aware that I cannot guarantee if it will be implemented.
Take care and stay well.

Hi, GlobTek offers a number of grounded wall plug in adapters, here is a list which meet your criteria: Digikey Search | GlobTek

Good luck!