Looking for replacement AC AC Adaptor and can't find it anywhere

I can’t find a replacement part for this unit so I am wondering if I there is a similar product I can use or am I pooched. The manufacturer no longer exists.

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I have a good variety of potential alternates on the below link. If you could let me know the termination style/output cord type this list can be narrowed a bit.

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I know nothing about identifying these things but crossreferencing with a random site this looked like a 5?

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Excellent, that sure looks liks the 5.5mm outer size alright. It also appears to be the 2.5mm center as the 2.1mm is only as wide as a toothpick where the 2.5mm is about the width of a ball point pen. Pretty confident in this list just need to match the barrel length off the filters and you should be left with a good match.

AC DC Desktop, Wall Power Adapters | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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Those all say AC DC not ACAC. Is that an issue?

Hi robertwgray ,

HM1579-ND should work for this application, although not ideal. The only downside is slightly less wattage so it may generate a bit more heat and fail slightly earlier than the stock supply, depending if your application actually uses the full power rating. The cord you currently have would work on this adapter you would just have to splice the wires for the screw mounts, we also stock new cords if you wanted a more customized length.

Please review datasheet specifications before ordering.



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It’s for a sump pump backup battery so I am not sure.

I will give this a shot. Thanks so much for your help.

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Is the existing unit heavy?

If it is then it is very likely an unregulated transformer and will put out a voltage that varies a lot based on the load’s demand. The voltage will be 18 when the current is 2.44A (44W). At lower current it will produces much higher voltage, very likely close to 25 or 30 at less than 0.01A.

Whether the system needs that specific behavior or if it will work with a regulated DC voltage only the manufacturer of the system can be certain about.

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Hi @robertwgray ,

Apologies about this. The barrel connector photo appears to have only a tip and sleeve conductor like most power barrel connectors. Are you able to verify if the barrel end has only two connections on it? If so, then one of these 3 wires may only be for an earth ground or for shielding. It looks like the black wire on the left is about 20Awg and the two right wires a bit smaller maybe 22Awg but it is hard to tell. Are you able to notice any difference in the wire sizes by chance?

Now I am noticing they sent totally the wrong cable. That explains it. Oops.

Thank you @robertwgray, please let us know if you need any further assistance.