Harwin Inc. - Test Probes - Installation Instructions

We often get asked how to install Harwin test probes and which tooling is needed for installation. Harwin test probes do not require special tooling. For installation instructions please review the following document from Harwin Inc.
ATE Spring Probes Instruction Sheet (harwin.com)

Harwin Probes Digi-Key Carries
Digi-Key Part Numbers Manufacturer Part Numbers
952-2293-ND S25-022
P25-3226-ND P25-3226
952-2607-ND P25-0822
P25-0126-ND P25-0126
952-2606-ND P25-0423
952-1888-ND P25-0123
952-2601-ND P13-2123
952-2294-ND S25-512
952-2602-ND P13-4023
952-2604-ND P19-2221
P25-4026-ND P25-4026
952-1889-ND P25-1223
952-3006-ND P19-1121
952-2605-ND P19-4021
952-2609-ND P25-5223
P25-1726-ND P25-1726
952-2608-ND P25-4023
952-2600-ND P13-0123
952-3005-ND P13-1123
952-2603-ND P19-0121
P25-7017-ND P25-7017
P25-2625-ND P25-2625
P25-0321-ND P25-0321
P25-2223-ND P25-2223
P25-4021-ND P25-4021