Hayward salt water circuit board problem

I have an aqua rite pro system with a possible burnt varistor. I know from other forums that the regular aqua rite system burns the SL322R025 thermistor and or V150LA2P varistor. My board looks different but what I think is the varistor ( little black disc ) is burnt. Wanted to replace but need to know correct part to order. Any help would be great. It’s the black disc behind R48 on circuit board

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Hello @Bobby

Welcome to the TechForum and thank you for posting your question. Are there any identifiable markings or numbers on either side of the part?

Thank you

No there’s no visible markings

The board marking appears to designate that part as R48. Typically varistors are designated V or RV and R typically designates a resistor. So I’d guess it’s an inrush current limiting thermistor, not a varistor, and thermistors are often designated with an R.

The Ametherm SL32 2R025 Inrush Current Limiter looks very similar to the part in your photo. Since the PCB shows a 20A fuse in that area and the SL32 2R025 is a 25A rated part that might be the part. Of course getting that wrong could cause a catastrophic failure of other parts on the PCB so use my info at your own risk. :grimacing:

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Thanks for the info

Hi Bobby, have you solved your problem ? I have also a problem with my board.
R78 and R79 blew up and I do not know their values. Woud it be possible to post a picture of those ? (Between 220uf cap. and transfo behind the IRFB9N65A.
Thanks a lot!

Not sure if you found your answer but both are same and marking is R50F so 0.5Ohms (they are in parallel and size is 2010).
I never seen those damaged on those boards however.