Fixing a pool chlorine salt generator

So you are trying to fix a pool chlorine salt generator

Those out there who own a pool with a chlorine salt generator may run across this problem of the salt generator board failing to power up or even stopping midway through a cycle with no obvious signs of failure. One of the most common points of failure on these boards is a part called a “Current Inrush Limiter.” You may have even seen a few videos on YouTube that show how to repair the circuit board. (links at bottom of page) Like those videos show, it is a simple fix once the faulty part is identified. It is a small black disc that controls the initial surge of current when the circuit turns on, protecting other parts from an excessive surge current. The two most common parts in use on most boards are the part numbers 570-1062-ND and 570-1105-ND.

What is the difference?

Of the two most common parts in use there are only slight electrical and mechanical differences between them


Part Number 570-1062-ND 570-1105-ND
Part Marking SL32 2R025 AS32 2E025
Size 1.18" (30mm) 1.18”(30mm)
Resistance @ current 0.024 ohms 0.0185 ohms
Max Input Energy 548J 600J
Lead Spacing 0.307" (7.80mm) 0.673" (17.10mm)

So which one would I need?

The best answer is, of course, the same one you remove from your board. The most common part is by far the 570-1062-ND, is a slightly cheaper part as it trades a bit of energy protection rating for that lower price and has the closer but more flexible lead spacing. Because of that it is the most common part found on most boards.

The 570-1105-ND is the more expensive part is as it adds more energy protection with the wider lead spacing. It is on some boards but not as common as the 570-1062-ND.

What about SL32 2R025-B? What is the "-B"

When looking at Digi-Key part 570-1357-ND Ametherm part SL32 2R025-B the “-B” or B suffix is calling out “Outside kinked” leads.They also make a -A which would call out “Inside kinked” leads.


Anything else I might need?

A good pair of side cutters to snip the part out of the board, and some soldering supplies all available at Digi-Key Electronics

Small Tube of Solder

Solder Wick

Solder Iron

Side Cutters

Optional videos

From the notes we have gathered I see this is a common problem for Hayward Goldline aqua rite salt chlorinator. Here are some examples of repair videos that use Digi-Key parts .

Update to this post.
We have noticed that some of the newer models have been using a part with the markings such as

Using the Cantherm Datasheet we were able to offer Digi-Key570-1146-ND as a suitable replacement.

Manufacturer Part Number: SL32 2R025-B

Digi-Key PN: 570-1357-ND will work for the above PN: 570-1062-ND and is in stock at the time I post this.