What is this current limiter?

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My best guess on this device would be SL08 10002, here: SL08 10002 Ametherm | Circuit Protection | DigiKey

Thank you. Appreciate it, it’s for an Automated logic controller the ME line. My facility has had a lot of trouble with these controllers dying after over a decade in the field. We usually put them into the trash and cut a new model card because the company no longer sells this model for replacement. My organization is fortunate that we have the recourses in house to cut in new models into the database but there are a lot of people that just buy them refurbished. This particular one I plan on using at my union hall for instructional purposes. We do monthly generator testing and the controllers die coincidentally after this happens. Or some of them also die if we have a bad 24 vdc relay wired to the output. I am rebuilding the power supply portion of the board.

Appreciate the assistance thank you again.


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