Heat pipe

I have a 200c heater that works on 3 volts
It is 1mm diamater
I need to send the heat to a bigger area


How can i send the heat to a bigger area
I tried a heat pipe
By drilling a hole it is but it didnt heat the heat pipe
I believe if the heat pipe was 1-3mm it would heat the heat pipe
I also tried copper powder and it didn’t send the heat
Maybe copper filings could work

Please help


It would be useful if you could offer some further details about the heater in question and your specific goals–the info provided leaves quite a bit up to interpretation.

One thing I’d point out is that the idea of a “heat pipe” is commonly used to refer to a closed, fluid-filled tube used to transfer heat over relatively long distances; that concept would appear to be different than what’s shown. The photo and your description makes it appear that you’re trying to spread heat produced by a very small heating element out over a larger area. The most effective way of achieving this would likely be to drill a hole in a solid copper rod that just barely is large enough to accommodate the heater, and applying a thermal transfer grease such as 120-2 to the heater before inserting it into the hole.

That said, such a small heating element is unlikely to be able to deliver very much heat energy; temperatures attainable when it is spread out over a large area will be lower than when it is concentrated, much in the same way that a single candle is not an effective means of heating a large house.

What can i put inside of it to send heat?
Is there a 3mm heat pipe
Thanks for your reply


Click here for 3mm OD Heat Pipes. These are the ones that we carry.

Thanks for your reply

I need to put the shaft of a heater in a heat pipe

Do you have heatpipe like this in 3mm


I read 4mm is the smallest

Thanks for your reply