Heat sink part ID

Hi. I’m trying to replace a basic heat sink on an Omnichord synth, but I can’t source anything that would work. As pictured, it’s a very basic piece of aluminum, bent at 90 degrees that interfaces with a 10-pin SIP 51514AL amp IC. It measures about 2.5 cm wide (with tolerance to go a bit wider).

I ran lots of searches on the internet and Digikey and couldn’t get close.

Maybe this was a custom design? And/or is there anything Digikey has that might work?

That is almost certainly a custom design, fabricated from standard aluminum bar/sheet stock. A local metal fabricator, or even a hobbyist metal fabricator, should be able to make copies of it for you.

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Hello Zack,

This is very likely custom. I don’t see any bolt on attachment type heat sinks at that size that have a right angle bend.
I did some searching online as well but found nothing similar either.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Okay, thanks Paul and Irfan. I’ll see if I can modify an existing heatsink or follow your tips about making one.