Need heatsink for eSIP (SSIP) package

Consider a part like Digikey 596-1809-ND. It has an eSip-7C package. I can butt a TO-220 heatsink up against it, but this is poor. Can anyone recommend a better and available heatsink? It must be mechanically sound, preferably independently mounted to the PCB. I need some kind of clamping action. I will consider any range of thermal characteristics.

I would also consider a metal clip that screws to a standard TO-220 heatsink. This is basically what Power Integrations suggests, but they are vague on specifics. And they suggest plastic, which seems like a bad idea to me. I can easily design this, but I am getting unrealistic quotes. And I will purchase 10,000 of them.

Thanks. MLA


It’s possible that one might find something serviceable among these listings. Something with a separate spring clip such as the 533002B02551G strikes me as offering a chance of being usable as is.

I expect that the major issue one would run up against is the reduced thickness of the SIP package relative to the TO220s for which most of these are designed; if the clamping mechanism isn’t designed to deflect significantly, one won’t achieve a great deal of clamping pressure with the thinner package. There appears to be about 1/10"/2.5mm nominal difference in thickness between the two, so a spacer material of about 0.1"/2.5mm might be a suitable workaround.