Heatsink required for SMC Diode Solutions S4D15120D - Schottky

Can Anyone help me find a suitable heatsink for a single SMC Diode Solutions S4D15120D - Schottky? It’s going to be used in a point-to-point wired valve amp.

According to the product page, https://www.digikey.com/short/3d7n0hf3, it’s a TO-247 package.

This search gives all the TO-247 compatible heatsinks:
Well I had a search showing but the website broke before I could get the share link :frowning: (it’s almost all 404’s now)

Hello AjayL,

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Here is some available heatsinks intended for TO-247 package types. Most of them are intended to be soldered into a circuit board with board mounts. Click here for TO-247 Heat Sinks

You can use a clip without a circuit board but you’d need to find a solution for the mounting situation. Maybe bailing wire between the fins or something.

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Thank you Kristof, I appreciate your help. I’m sure I can figure out something based on your suggestions.

Thanks Paul, I appreciate you trying to help… :slightly_smiling_face: