Heating with multistage peltier cooler

Our applied physics lab is interested in purchasing a NL3040-01BC (Digikey part number: 1681-1045-ND) multi-stage Peltier cooler to control the temperature of a CCD camera from 5 deg C to ~38 deg C. Normally, the camera runs at 29 deg C. I am confident that this module will work to cool the CCD camera. However, could you please clarify if the module can be run in reverse to heat the camera from 29 to 38 degree C?

If the target device temperature range is +5~38°C with typical ambient temperatures in the mid-20’s as a base point, a single-stage device such as the CP85438 is likely the better option. Multi-stage peltier devices are so garishly inefficacious that without a lot of care, one’s likely to end up heating a thing (such as a CCD sensor) that one’s trying to cool…

This resource may be helpful in terms of explaining the sort of process by which a person can estimate what is or isn’t possible with a given thermoelectric device. As for reversibility to heat as well as cool a device, yes, that’s possible.