Hello I'm having trouble finding this component. The two components with the dots

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I did some searching and wasn’t able to ID the part. What’s the application this board is used in? Is this some sort of bluetooth device ?

Could that be some type of light-reactive part? Like a photodiode, maybe?

I am not certain either.
There are no markings on the board or the item that I can see from the image.
Even if it were a photodiode, the electrical specs are not known.

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The two components come from an ONN blue tooth head phone.

Without knowing the nominal electrical specs of the original we would not be able to provide a specific item/items with too much confidence.
The below link shows the photodiodes we have.

The chip appears to be a Beken BK3266 Bluetooth chip with many integrated functions including dual DC-DC buck converters. Those two parts are inductors for the on-chip buck converters. I found a schematic here showing 4.7uH inductors there. No way to know if yours are 4.7uH, but fairly likely.