Help to Identify Components

Hello Digi-Key Forum!

Sincerely appreciate your help, to identify these components, from a digital tire pressure gauge.
(Being novices, my sons and I are going deeper into the inner workings of how this device was made; parts sourced, etc., etc.)

By using the various part-numbers, we thought we would find something on the internet, but nothing was found!

Thank you, and eager, for your kind replies.


Hello Kelly. Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I agree. I was not able to find any information on this either. None of the part numbers or numbers listed are showing me what this is. I guess what I would say is to go back to the Manufacturer of this device and see if they will provide you with a bill of materials. Usually something like a finished product like this could be proprietary. There might not be any information that they would supply.

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That’s a typical Chip On Board (COB) assembly from a high volume ultra low cost consumer product. They are designed to not be repairable which cuts the manufacturing cost by 50% to 90% over repairable technologies.

The transistor, switch, LED, resistor & capacitor values can be determined by removing them from the PCB and measuring their electrical characteristics. However without access to information about the full, or semi, custom IC die encapsulated under the epoxy blob of this COB assembly there’s not much use for knowing about the standard components on the board.

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