Part identification

I’m having issues identifying this part - my guess would be combined resistors or optocoupler but searching for the DABB3 or DAB83 or DA883 did not lead to much. Anybody has an idea?

I do not find anything on these markings. It is possible that they are proprietary to the board production. You might try searching for a schematic of the board if you have the manufacturer and model number of the product the board is out of. Glenda

This appears to me like a Diodes Inc. marking scheme. Three Letter/Number part ID followed by the two digit date code, and it is displayed in both orientations. That leads me to believe it may be this part:

Please verify with the data sheet.

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I have traced the connection on the PCB and it indeed matches the Diones Inc. MOSFET and makes sense for the circuit. Amazing, thank you!

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You are welcome! Glad to hear it will work.

Reid L.