Help identifying component


I need help identifying the component that is circled

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well if I go with the part number of PDZ6.8B,115, this has the ZB. I was not sure if it is ZB or Z8. You can check it on this link: . I am not sure. I really can’t see ethe picture close enough. I could not make it larger.

I’ve enlarged the image, but it’s still not clear.

Unfortunately, this is the only image that I was sent. I’m wondering if the markings on it are MCC, WCC, or VVV with 8Z or BZ below.

I am not sure on this one. We do have others looking at this so I am hoping they will be able to help. I am honestly just one response. Usually people get more than one person looking. So I hope someone can help on this one.

Unfortunately the diode you recommended was not correct. I was able to pick up the board and capture a better image. The component is labeled VR3 on the board. The letters on top are MCC with BZ below. It appears to be aproximately 6mm long.

The board is an Avery Weigh Tronics AWT25-500-505 if that is helpful.


I could not come up with any good information on this one.

I was able to find the component on your website. It was not easy to filter by manufacturer and the markings.

Thank you for letting us know as this could help in the future. Yes. The better picture helps. We do appreciate the response.