Help choose relay

Hi DigiKey community!

Can anyone please help me to choose a relay?

I came across this product which seems suitable. However the different types of functions got me confused, so I was wondering if you can recommend me a functionality I should look for or even other product, if I’m going in the completely wrong directions(: Here’s the part I was looking at: 70M-ODC5 Grayhill Inc. | Relays | DigiKey

What I’m trying to do with it:

  1. apply 5V digital signal to the input of the relay (high/low level - 5/0 V)

  2. have a switch on the output, which is going to connect +24V to the reset pin of my equipement (+24 triggers the reset)

Thanks everyone for your time!

Welcome to the Technical Forum. This should work for what you are doing. The Product page has so many files for this product. If you look under documents and media, there are video files for terminology. Here is the link:

Scroll down under the documents and media. There is a lot of information here to help understand better.

Hi akoro004,

The 70M-ODC5 would probably work in most situations, but there may be circumstances in which it might not work.

For example, how much current can your 5V signal provide? This part may draw as much as 14mA at 5V. Depending on how much is available, other options may also work.

How much current will your 24V load draw? This device requires a minimum of 20mA for proper functioning. If your draw is less, you could place a resistor in parallel with your load to increase the current draw.

This device’s solid-state switch may leak as much as 1.5mA at 60V. They don’t specify the max leakage for 24V, though it would probably be under 1mA, and probably considerably lower if temperature was kept well below the maximum 100°C.

How do you intend to mount the part? This part is designed to mount in an I/O rack, such as the 70MRCK8-HL. It can also be mounted in a PCB (printed circuit board), though there are much less expensive items which could be used on a PCB.

Some alternatives include: