Part selection to control 120VAC with 24VAC

Pretty new to digi key as well as relay identification. I am struggling to find any 24vac controlled relays that are PCB mountable.

I am looking to use a 24vac signal from a thermostat to control a 120vac outlet. My hope is to have the relay mount to a PCB. Ideally the relay would have a form factor something like the SRD-24VDC-SL-C but controllable via a 24VAC instead of DC. Also, by form factor I am just referring to the fact that the relay is relatively small and having the screw terminals attached is a bonus but not a big deal.

There is another alternative route that can be taken but may be a bit more convoluted. I am using a 5vdc relay to control other 120vac outlets and the 5dc volt signal will be controlled through a micro controller. So if I can get the 24vac signal to a 5vdc signal that is okay as well but going straight from 24vac to controlling 120vac would be more ideal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would like you to look at this Omron part number G2R-1A-AC24 or the Digi-Key part number Z11709-ND Web Link click here
This is a 24vac coil 1 form A ( normally open contacts ) rated for 10 amps

Thanks John.