Relay, 24 VAC input, 120 VAC contacts


I did try to find this relay. I need to defer to the experts.
DIN rail, 24 VAC input, 120 VAC output. Preferably solid state. I need normally closed form. The relay is just going to light up one of your lamps at 120 VAC, so we have to be careful about minimum output current requirements.

Can you do one of your super-searches for us?


I opened up my search to double throw relays and did not find anything, so I am settling for a contact type relay. 277-17674-ND seems to be okay.

This relay from Phoenix Contact part number 2903357 or Digi-Key part number 277-17670-ND . This may be a better fit since the contacts are rated for 250vac

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Hi John,

Thanks for looking. I think I will stick with the 30 VAC contacts of the former since the minimum current is 1 mA as opposed to 10 mA for the latter solution.

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if you’re switching 120VAC the gold plating on the contacts will probably be blown away within a handful of switching cycles, after which the ratings “with destroyed gold layer” will apply. At first glance those seem identical for those of the part John suggested.

The question of minimum switched current is entirely different (and largely irrelevant) in context of mechanical switches compared to AC SSRs. In the latter case one’s generally dealing with the commutation behavior of thyristor devices, in the former it’s just a question of whether or not a bit of contact oxidation gets in the way.

You are right. We have a low voltage contact option, but the one you folks suggested will handle both situation right away. I like your selection better. Thanks for sticking with us. I do appreciate it.

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