Solid Sate Relay question

I need an open collector type output and can sink 8mA to ground
It is a 12VDC output and I need relay I can run a load of >1amp <6amp 120 vac
I tried a Wiedmuller brand #281-5497-ND.Digikey.pdf (51.6 KB)

Hi Wally,

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Your 8mA requirement makes this tough. I found a number of DIN rail SSR’s which require anywhere from 9mA to 15mA, but few can take less than that.

However, the DR2260D20U seems to meet that constraint. Minimum input current is 7mA, so it just makes it. It can handle up to 20A and 600Vrms, so it’s a bit of an overkill, but minimum load current is 100mA, and minimum load voltage is 48Vac, so it ought to work for you. This one has a zero-cross detect circuit so it will only turn on as the sine wave crosses zero volts.

If you need an instantaneous type turn-on relay, the DR2260D20UR is the non-zero-cross equivalent.