Find matching relay

For switching power in household electrical heating.
Replace old relay with this spec.
20A 220VAC / 15A 380VAC
10 amp
300VAC max


d images

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum DonSimon.
We do not have a match to a DPDT relay with a 24VDC coil, that will handle 15A / 380VAC.
I looked for the 20A / 220VAC, with the 1/4" quick connect spade terminals, and we do not have one that matches this pin geometry. So unfortunately, we do not have a match to your relay.


Thx a lot for the fast response.
It is part of an old system, I was hoping there were some replacement or spare part for the relays, but I knew it was hoping for a miracle.

Have a nice weekend!

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You could use a 24 volt relay to operate a contactor that meets your specs. There may be an HVAC or electrical contactor part that meets your requirements.

Hejsan DonSimon,

Tyvärr, it is difficult to tell anything about the relay shown on the pictures. Is there any chance to provide further pictures showing only the relay from different viewpoints?

Cheers, heke, AsamaLab