Help making a LED circuit

Hello. I am new to this forum. I am also not much or an electronics person - I think I understand the basics. First, can I run basic LED’s off of a 24VAC transformer??? I happen to have one available as well as a 24VAC relay which I need to use in my setup. I need to run both a red and a green led.

Hello @woodymach welcome to the community! I did an experiment on this actually, yes this is possible. While it would be better to use a DC voltage, you can use AC voltage. Take a look at this post for context: Electronics Experiment: Powering LEDs With AC Voltage What you will have to do is find something called the Forward Voltage of your LEDs. Once you know that value, take the AC voltage minus the forward voltage and divide it by the current the LEDs are rated for. This will give you a proper resistor value to use in series with each LED.

The LED / Resistor calculator may be of help to you too!

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