Help verifying EMMC Memory on Item

I’m looking into purchasing a Raspberry CM4 model. I found one I’m interested in purchasing. The big difference with these is the sensor or nano models cm4. Also, the emmc/ram combo. I found one with eight GB of ram and is also labeled US, but it does not specify the emmc amount. I would assume it is 32 GB. Can anyone confirm this?


Wecome to the Technical Forum. It is 8GB . Here is the link for the information: CM4 Sensing_【官网】上海晶珩-树莓派嵌入式工控机-网关-CAN总线-开发板

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FYI - terminology quibble, while the device you are looking at contains a Pi CM4 it is much, much, more.

Here’s the actual Pi CM4:

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Hi linkage877

The specific part number you called out has 1GB of DDR RAM and 8GB eMMC. Here’s the decoder ring for EDATEC part numbers: